Data Collective



Why the work is being done

The Data Collective is a community of individuals who work in the UK social sector, and use or want to use data. The purpose of the community is to help charities and other civil society organisations to access and analyse data better, in order to increase their impact.

The community exists to foster connections between people who may be facing similar data challenges, to share good practice, and to help organisations to share their data with other organisations, should they want to paint a fuller picture.

Members have access to peer support through our mailing list and slack channel, group workshops, and direct technical support. 

Problem to solve

2nd phase (bridging funding) starting Sept 2021:
1. Matching buddy civil society organisations up with others who are further ahead on their data journey so that they can get mentoring and support.
2. Run one surgery a month on specific topics with a panel of experts.
3. Develop and implement a light impact measurement approach so that progress and impact can be shared with the Catalyst network/initiative leads circle.
Promote and highlight what Data Collective offers and the impact it is having through blogs, testimonials, etc., liaising with Sonya Hayden on Twitter posts.

Key project resources