AVA (Against Violence and Abuse) | Building an online training platform for professionals supporting domestic abuse survivors



Why the work is being done

To build a single online training platform that incorporates the booking, delivery and evaluation of training in one place. This  platform will be used by professionals supporting domestic abuse survivors. It will enable AVA to carry on providing high-quality training online during (and after) Covid-19. 

We have started developing a prototype and propose the following approach: 
  • Investigate ways to better integrate a range of digital tools already used to deliver our online training (e.g. Zoom w/ webinar functions, padlet, integrated booking system on our website and survey monkey). 
  • Explore existing off the shelf solutions that host these functions (e.g. we’ve looked at Luma, Eventbrite and Ticketsailor)
  • Improve how we combine our different learning options and better data analysis to create flexible solutions that works for our user (both learners & staff)
  • Ensure that we professionalise our pre learning materials and ensure that they are accessible to all our learners and that cater for different learning styles.

This project is part of the Catalyst and The National Lottery Community Fund COVID-19 Digital Response funding initiative; a partnership between The National Lottery Community Fund and CAST, supported by the Catalyst network.

Problem to solve

Due to Covid-19, AVA (Against Violence & Abuse) can no longer provide face-to-face training to professionals who support survivors of gender-based violence. 

We still need to provide high-quality training and are therefore keen to find a digital solution that enhances the learning experience and incorporates different learning styles.  

We need a solution that is not only accessible to our learners but also simple to use and time-efficient for trainers and administrators. 

Who are the users and what do they need to do

These are the user needs statements from our discovery phase:

“As a survivor
When I tell a professional that I have experienced abuse 
I need them to know how to respond in a way that makes me feel comfortable and safe and has knowledge about the support I might need, 
So that I can get the help I need.”
“As a professional
When I come across a survivor of domestic abuse in my work
I need to know how to respond to them disclosing to me and what support is available to them
So that I can assist survivors to get specialist support.”
“As a professional who has contact with survivors of abuse 
When I want to learn more about best practice in supporting survivors 
I need training that is accessible both in terms of location/cost that fits around my busy workload 
So that I can attend good quality training within my training budget and fits in with my work and life schedule.”
“As a member of AVA training team 
I want to be able to deliver high quality training to professionals who have contact with survivors  
I need our training materials and platform to be easier to use and interactive 
So that I can deliver high-quality training without having high level of digital expertise and spending too much time on administration.” 

Key outputs: 

  • Simple to use platform both for  staff and Learners 
  • Integrated system from booking to evaluation ( which aims to reduce the admin workload)
  • Simple and professional designed for learners that reflect the quality 
  • Backend that can be used ur associates trainer ( with simple to follow guides)

Key project resources

Deliverables from the Uplift funding
Technical Specification - Integration/handoff between AVA Website and Big Marker