Sector Challenge 3: Effective online counselling services for survivors



Why the work is being done

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on individuals experiencing sexual abuse and domestic violence.  

This brief focuses on creating more effective approaches to online counselling where direct, in-person services are unavailable.  This needs to be specific to the sexual abuse and domestic violence sector.  This includes exploring how service users can be effectively supported during times of acute crisis and considering what skills and confidence teams feel they need to build to become more confident in delivering counselling services in the online space.  Non profits should be supported to develop approaches which are connected to their existing services, and are not developed in silos.

Problem to solve

How might we adapt counselling services for the online environment in a way which puts the needs of survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence at the centre of the approach

Who are the users and what do they need to do

Organisations that are finding it challenging to translate face to face counselling support to an online space.  Particularly organisations who are supporting survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence who are experiencing trauma and are being hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key project resources