Charity Digital Skills Report



Why the work is being done

Our report aims to help:

  • Understand the key trends in how charities’ use of digital has changed over the last year, so that you can benchmark your organisation. 
  • Learn how other charities are changing their ways of working and developing their plans for digital as we reach the next phase of the pandemic.
  • Track progress made over the last five years and what this means for the sector.
  • Measure where charities have skills gaps but also what they need from forms of support such as
    funding and learning and development. 

Problem to solve

Have charities started to embed digital change for the long term or not, and if so what does this tell us about the future of the sector?’ and 'What resources and support do charities need to better use digital to achieve their aims as we emerge from the pandemic?’

Who are the users and what do they need to do

Leaders of infrastructure organisations, charitable foundations and funders - to understand the needs and priorities of charities
Senior leaders within charities - to better support the skills and capabilities within their organisations
Social technologists / digital agencies - insights to support their work to the sector

Key project resources