Open IP for funders



Why the work is being done

  • reduce unnecessary duplication & unnecessary waste in digital tools in the charity sector

  • increase the quality of digital tools, by focusing effort and funding towards best in class tools

  • improve the utilisation of digital experts within the sector by reducing the amount of duplicated work

  • harness the value for learning from open working

  • Building towards community-owned technology

  • explore the significant role of funders in encouraging and enabling reuse and open working

Problem to solve

Understanding and overcoming the challenges to adopting more open funding practices

Who are the users and what do they need to do

As a funder
I need to understand the benefits to open IP
So that I can advocate for it within my organisation

As a funder
I need to understand the mechanisam for adopting open IP
So that I can update my policies, processes and practices

As a grantee
I want to understand how to make my solution open
so that the wider sector and communities can benefit

Key project resources