NESTA - Remote onboarding to build trusted relationships



Why the work is being done

This is a Cluster project, bringing together a group of organisations with the shared need of transitioning face-to-face training and support services online in response to COVID-19.

Problem to solve

The problem area is broad and includes:
  • Onboarding new users into the first stages of a learning journey
  • Building trusted relationships online
  • Creating a great experience for users by streamlining the process and tech
  • Bearing in mind different levels of emotional engagement for different online options
  • Working with users with a broad spectrum of tech access and literacy (combating digital exclusion).

Who are the users and what do they need to do

There are six partners in this cluster. Their users are teachers, tutors, foster carers and carers for the elderly, each going through a recruitment process to join the charities’ networks/ communities/ services. 
They need to be onboarded into new services, ensuring the same level of trust and safeguarding that had previously been achieved face to face.
This work forms a part of wider support all organisations are receiving from Nesta.

Key project resources

Miro board - shared challenge
The Cluster had an intro session to identify the shared challenge. This Miro Board captures the discussion.