Covid19TechAction Slack hack day



Why the work is being done

The Covid19TechAction Slack has evolved organically from its original creation by a group of individuals from tech for good agencies at the start of the pandemic. The needs it served then (helping agency folk collaborate on crisis response initiatives) have changed, and there is a need to review the purpose, audience and future direction of the space. 

Over the last few months, the space has also been used by the Catalyst Core team to communicate and collaborate with digital partners about Lottery(EDA)-funded work. This includes:
  • posting Catalyst briefs on the #open_projects channel
  • bringing contracted partners together on programme-specific channels for updates, sharing and learning
  • sharing community events, such as the Catalyst Network Meetup
  • engaging in dialogue with partners about the future shape and direction of Catalyst to ensure it meets the needs of the network.

Other uses of the space include a couple of charities posting their own briefs directly, and members posting requests for help or sharing information ad hoc.

A group of members have come together in the #a_better_name channel to take this discussion forwards. They have created
  • A Miro board capturing discussions and designs to date
  • A user research survey to gather the input of wider members, completed by 27 people
  • Follow-up interviews conducted with 6 people
  • 6 members, including one Catalyst rep, will come together in a hack day on Friday 23rd April 2021 to collectively come to some decisions on next steps.

Problem to solve

Collectively refining the purpose and identity of the Covid19TechAction Slack community space. 

Who are the users and what do they need to do

As a person working in a digital agency
I need a space to work with likeminded people on important stuff
So that I feel a sense of solidarity

As a person working in a digital agency
I need a space to chat to peers
So I can see opportunities for collaboration, e.g. around briefs

As a person working in the tech for good space
I need to connect and network with others
So I can find out and share what's going on in the ecosystem

As a person supporting charities with digital
I need to hear about useful resources and projects
So that I can onward-share and add value to the support I provide

As a person working on a Catalyst-funded programme
I need somewhere to get and share updates about the programme
So I'm in the loop

As a person keen to work on exciting, impactful projects
I need a way to find out about new briefs
So I can apply if they're relevant to my skills

As a Catalyst core team member
I need a space to informally check in and connect with digital partners
So I can get/share updates that might be relevant and build reciprocal relationships

As a Catalyst core team member
I need to understand the relationship of this Slack to Catalyst
So I can contribute to it in the right way and find alternative spaces for my needs if necessary

As a new joiner to the Slack
I need to know who/what it's for and how best to engage
So I understand the value and can meaningfully engage

As a member of this Slack
I need clarity on how I should use it (channels, community guidelines etc.)
So that I can make best use of it

As any person attending the hack day
I need a space for collaborative sense-making where my voice is heard and clear decisions are reached
So that I feel it's a good use of my time

As a Catalyst core team member
I need a neutral facilitator to hold the space and steward decisions
So that it isn't unduly dominated by Catalyst.

Key project resources