Catalyst 2.0



Why the work is being done

For many partners, Catalyst's collective intentions are not borne out by their experience of Catalyst. We need to share power and practice through more equitable, relational and collaborative ways of working. We'll get there through learning-by-trying in a series of experiments, and by the new dedicated team's review and transition process (starting November 2021), which will define the most appropriate model for Catalyst going forwards. More info here.

Problem to solve

Provide data and evidence that answers some of the Knowledge Board questions, for the new dedicated team to digest when they do the review (from November).

Who are the users and what do they need to do

As someone in the new Catalyst transition team
I need to know what experiments towards more network-led, collective and equitable ways of working have happened across Catalyst to date
So that I can form opinions and make decisions about the next phase of Catalyst based on evidence of needs and what has/hasn't worked 

Key project resources

Coda of Catalyst working groups
Working groups and communities of practice experimenting with different ways of organising as Catalyst.