Sector Challenge 2: Strengthening approaches for social prescribing



Why the work is being done

Prior to COVID-19, mental health services were often unable to provide all patients with the level of care they required because of a lack of resources. The increase in demand on services is having a negative impact on the provision of mental health services in the UK.  Read more here

Increasingly, the NHS is tackling mental health problems by referring patients to non-clinical services, often run by charities. This is known as social prescribing.

This brief focuses on exploring ways of how to improve data sharing between NHS and charity services in order to promote better social prescribing across organisations in the mental health and wellbeing sector.

Problem to solve

How might we prototype improved data sharing between services to promote better social prescribing?

Who are the users and what do they need to do

Nonprofits (working within the mental health sector) who want to share data between services in a way that enables better social prescription and reduced duplication of services. 

Key project resources

Guidance to create your own version of the Social Prescribing Support Tool
Information on how to create your own version of the social prescribing support tool
Social Prescribing Support Tool
A link to the developed Social Prescribing Support Tool that's ready to use, and populated with data and case studies