NESTA - Strengthening communities with limited digital skills/access



Why the work is being done

This small cluster of two organisations have struggled during lockdown to equip/prepare ‘users’ to actively access and engage with digital and online service offers.  Users are people with limited digital literacy, sometimes living in areas with poor broadband connection; and people who have restrictions in mobily to use tools or ability to speak.  We want to understand our audience better and know what tools or systems are best placed to build our engagement activities on. Our activities include: 1:1 conversations, group conversations, building supportive communities (internal and external) that provide each other peer support.

Problem to solve

The problem area is wide and includes (for the cluster):
  • To achieve our objectives we need to build engaging and effective engagement approaches that meet the needs of our ‘users’ and increase our reach. 
  • Our approach and systems used for our engagement  activities need to be easy to access and accessible to people with limited digital skills and accessibility of digital devices

Who are the users and what do they need to do

  • As a user with limited access to and ability in using online tools, I want to access information provided by the organisation.
  • As a user with limited access to and ability in using online tools, I want to take part in conversations and services organised by my organisation.
  • As a staff member/volunteer I need to create activities /facilitate conversations that are accessible, engaging and support community building.
This work forms a part of the support all organisations are receiving from Nesta.
Be Buckfastleigh were part of the original cluster but were not able to take part due to capacity reasons. Nesta suggested Learning Disability England, however following an initial intro they were also unable to join. 

In the discovery workshop the need to shift the challenge area was identified, to focus on understanding the needs and requirements for an effective hybrid support offer (face to face and online). 

Key project resources

Slide deck - shared challenge
The slide deck the cluster partners completed about their work and needs.