Catalyst rolling digital skills building programme



Why the work is being done

To assess the needs, demand and behaviours to help scope the value of a possible Catalyst rolling (discovery) learning programme- supporting small to medium sized social impact organisations to build greater resilience and impact through increased digital capabilities and application of user-centred design approaches. 

Problem to solve

Discovery impact hypothesis:

Small to medium sized social impact organisations are looking for trusted, accessible and value for money digital capability (and relational infrastructure) building programmes.

There is an appetite and interest from Catalyst Network partners to design, test and manage a rolling programme as a new Catalyst initiative.

Who are the users and what do they need to do

  • Social impact organisations e.g.: not for profits, social enterprises, community businesses - who are keen to have a trusted provider to support them to increase their digital maturity

  • Social impact Funders who fund digital capability building - who want a  trusted partner to support grantees with their digital maturity; to whom Catalyst’s ‘off the shelf’ package could provide a quick to mobilise digital maturity building offer

Agencies and freelancers supporting social impact organisations to increase their impact through better utilisation and application of digital - who would like to increase and/or utilise their skills in developing and delivering cohort-based capability programmes to social impact organisations.

Key project resources