NESTA - Help communities to engage online (with each other and us), in a way that is comfortable, empowering and responds to a wide spectrum of different needs, skills and access to tech.



Why the work is being done

Two smaller charities have seen their face-to-face activities come to a halt due to COVID-19. They want to pivot to online activities, however they have identified the need to better understand the needs and digital skills of their audience as well as their own, to ensure their new approach will be effective and impactful. 

Problem to solve

The problem area includes (for the charities):
  • To achieve our objectives we need to build engaging and effective online services that meet the needs of our ‘users’ and increase our reach. 
  • Our approach and systems used for our online activities need to be easy to access and accessible to people with limited digital skills and access to digital devices.
  • Onboarding new users into the first stages of online engagement and connection.

Who are the users and what do they need to do

There are two organisations in this cluster with users who are people on low income and local volunteer teams keen to support parks in their community. They need to be on-boarded onto using online tools for engagement and community building.

Who the users are and what they need to do: 
  • As a user with limited access to and confidence in using online tools, I need to take part in conversations and events organised by my organisation.
  • As a staff member I need to feel confident using online tools to connect with users.
  • As a staff member I need to create/facilitate 1:1 and groups conversations/events that are engaging and support community building.
  • As a leader I need to connect with my team to support their work, wellbeing and team cohesion.

This project is funded by NESTA

Key project resources

Cluster intro slide deck
This deck will give some background information on each of the organisations. Please note that Church Poverty Action had hoped to participate in this project, but due to resource restrains had to step back before the kick-off meeting with the delivery partner.
Nesta Cluster 3 Miro Board
This Miro Board captured the conversation had in the intro meeting. The meeting was facilitated by two members of the Catalyst team and focused on finding a joint challenge to work on.