Service Recipes



Why the work is being done

Mission: To reduce the time, cost and effort for the sector to adopt high quality, ethical digital interventions to shared challenges.

Objective: Develop, identify and embed cost effective, sustainable shared infrastructure

Problem to solve

How might we ensure that we are building services which can be reused at the point of creation or delivery?

How might we support organisations to reuse existing solutions to improve service delivery? 

Who are the users and what do they need to do

Product owner:
As a product owner within a civic society organisation, I need to understand what has been done before by other organisations so that I can reuse them.

As a funder, I need to understand what has been done before, so I can focus my funding on novel services and on continued funding for widely used reusable applications.

Core CAST/ Catalyst Team:
As a member of the core CAST/Catalyst team I need to understand and navigate what is known about the service landscape and to be able to understand if existing problems have been solved well previously so I can direct charities to learn from/reuse that example.

Civic Society Organisations: 
As a civic society organisation, I need to make the recipes for my service so that I can help other organisations and learn from how they build similar services to mine.
Initial assumption that can be further investigated or can be tested

  • Providing simple recipes with step-by-step instructions will make it easy for organisatons to duplicate 
  • Organisations have the necessary technical skills in-house to implement service recipes independently
  • Access to a large number of service recipes will increase reuse across the sector and reduce the need to build from scratch
  • A well-designed user journey and recipe template will lead to increased service recipe submissions