Open Procurement



Why the work is being done

We want to provide an procurement approach (this might include a platform) and process that is accessible, transparent, participatory and open, through which digital agencies and experts can browse and apply for briefs.

Problem to solve

Catalyst work does not feel accessible and open to as many digital partners as we would like. This is evident by the fact that we don't have enough digital partners applying to Catalyst briefs, yet we know there are many agencies in the sector who would be a suitable fit.

How might we support more inclusive, open and transparent procurement practices?

How might we ensure that more of the network is aware of the opportunities to give and get support from the network?

Who are the users and what do they need to do

As a new business lead in a digital agency
I need a clear and easy way to see the work on offer
so that I can indicate my interest to deliver projects that fit my skills and interests, and help decide who is best placed to work on this.