Problem to solve

  1. Siloed stakeholder management [Managing stakeholders]
  2. Understanding what people are working on and how it relates [Managing work]
  3. Monitoring the progress or work and goals [Managing work]

Who are the users and what do they need to do

Primary users
  • As a CAST/Catalyst team member, I need manage contact information and record interactions so that I can effectively manage relationships with the people we work with.
  • As a CAST/Catalyst team member, I need to understand the key progress and learning of initiatives which we are supporting (independently and in relation to other initiatives), to inform (a) my work and (b) my reporting.

Secondary users
  • As someone leading work supported by CAST/Catalyst, I need to provide progress updates, so that I can fulfil my grant or service agreement.

Key project resources

An overview of the project and its history
Asana board
Feedback and backlog
Source code
Progress Reviews Doc
Notes from Progress Review sessions.
Ochre Miro Board
For sketching and visual collaboration.